Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let Her {Smash} Cake

Yikes! It's been a month since I last posted. I've had good intentions but then I get lost in the pretty world of Pinterest and before I know it real life calls and I still haven't posted. I have quite a bit to share so I'll do better. :)
Onto the post! Last month Delilah turned one year old. ONE. I had mixed emotions as I'm sure most moms do at this milestone. It's SO much fun to see your baby's personality forming and they are doing so much more than the eat/sleep/poop routine they had as a newborn. But then at the same time you miss that tiny little squish and new baby smell and softness and even the sweet little cry. Especially when your now one year old has a shrill scream to make your eye twitch.
On her birthday day I painted her toenails purple where she sat surprisingly still and sang her happy birthday all day long. Later in the day she had cake to celebrate. In some recent years the cake smash pictures have become popular. I didn't see these when my older two {7 & nearly5} were babies. That would have been SO much fun. But they each had fun with their slice of cake or cupcake in their decorated high chair. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and set up a little photo shoot in the back yard.


I continued the trend with the monthly pictures I took of Delilah during her first year with a printed sign. Her cake was made from a box mix, strawberry, with vanilla icing and sprinkles. By the way, any tips for getting sprinkles on the sides of a cake other than throwing fingers full at it wasting half the bottle? I should design and market a sprinkle 'gun'.


I thought/hoped she was going in for a face dive, how fun would that be right? Buuuut she stopped JUST before, glad I caught that on camera. She was very dainty using just one finger for a while.


Then she stopped being nice to the cake and started getting real messy. It was awesome. I loved her tutu & pearls for these pictures and couldn't resist putting a huge bow on her head. :)


Then she got tired. And she rubbed her eyes. And that was pretty funny.


She was still happy & even wanted to share! Then the pulling at the bow began and I knew she was just done. So we cleaned up and she took a bath with her sprinkles and went to bed after some {breast}milk.

Thanks for visiting! Soon I will share pictures from her {pinwheel} party!

Please do not copy, altar or use my photos as your own. You are welcome to use one or two with a link back.

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