Why Cloth?

Using cloth products instead of paper products like diapers & paper towels saves money in my wallet and puts less trash in the landfills. Here are some helpful links should you like information about any of the cloth products I use.

Cloth Diapers  These aren't your mom's {or grandma's} diapers! While flats and prefolds are still available {& fabulous options!} plastic pants are a thing of the past.Cloth diapering can save you money (though cute prints are completely addicting and this can become an obsession) and, in more cases than not, is gentler on your baby's behind.
Cloth Breastfeeding Pads  Cloth pads feel so much better than scratchy disposable pads. Plus they are a one time purchase which can save quite a bit of money (will vary depending on how long you breastfeed/how long you need pads). You can make your own using flannel & even old t-shirt scraps, adding PUL makes them leak proof but isn't necessary if you change them out throughout the day.
  • Etsy - Lots of options for colors, prints and materials.
'Unpaper' Towels  These are great for one time use clean ups. Just as you would grab a paper towel for a quick clean up then toss it in the trash. Instead of the trash you toss it in the wash. You can make your own using birdseye cloth, flannel or terry cloth. Some people like to have a cute print on one side. I prefer mine to be plain birdseye so they can be bleached and sunned to get stains out.
  • Etsy - Tons of sellers make these.
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