Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sweater {Upcycle}

This morning Delilah napped long enough for me to get some sewing in. I ignored the dishes and laundry to enjoy the whir of my machine. Currently I'm in the midst of checking things off of my list. I still need to write said list but regardless I'm checking them off. ;) Anyhow, because I {finally} finished some Christmas gifts I chose a fun project that I've had in mind for a while now.

My husband stopped wearing this sweater {my apologies, no before picture} and I stuck it in my stash of clothing with potential. My son had a pillow with a train embroidery on it that was in good shape but no longer went with the decor in his room and he wasn't attached to it but my husband liked it on his recliner. A match made in crafty heaven!

Quick Tutorial
  • Measure pillow {add seam allowance, I gave myself about 1/2" as I use 1/4" seams}
  • Cut desired length {I took advantage of the already finished edge of the bottom of the sweater)
  • Cut desired width leaving one existing seam in tact
  • Sew top & remaining side
  • Try it on your pillow {I had to sew the side again about three inches in due to stretch in the knit}
  • Close up the bottom {I used velcro because I had it on hand but you could use buttons or ribbon also}

My husband is happy with the finished product and it didn't cost a thing. So far I've resisted the urge to add fabric flowers or ruffles to the pillow. Wouldn't that look cute?

Okay, so maybe not on his chair. But the next pillow will definitely have a flower or ruffle...or both! I have four more pillows to cover and more than enough ideas to do just that.

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