Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Label for Everything and Everything with a Purpose

I love my morning {and throughout the day} coffee. What I don't love is dirty dishes and counter tops. I started using a tea cup I picked up at a thrift store to hold my spoon. The tea cup was going to be used for my oldest daughter's fourth birthday tea party but that didn't work out. It's okay though, now she has a new purpose in life. Holding my coffee spoon so I can stir in my cream and sugar with the same spoon through the day and keep the counter clean.


I finally introduced vinyl to my Cricut. Now everyone knows what tea cup's purpose is. Or they'll want to go cuddle someone. It works.


I have another vinyl labeling project to share soon. Hopefully with better pictures next time.

Thanks for visiting!

ETA: If you are here from Amanda's crafty cutter party {or have a cutter of your own} I have a question for you. How do you store your sticky mat so that it doesn't get dusty and lose it's stickiness?

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  1. LOL! LOVE the idea of everything in it's place :) and no dirty spoons on my counter :) and cuddling ;) YAY CRICUT VINYLING! It's SUPER cute!

  2. I love it! Thanks for linking this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday blog party. I keep seeing all kinds of cute things people can do with these Cricuts.

  3. Fabulous idea! I am guilty of using about 42 spoons each day. :s


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