Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lego Party Planning

My son will be turning seven this summer. Seven. Oy. He has had a Transformer themed party two years in a row and he's finally ready to change things up. He decided on Legos. This year he got his first set of 'real' Legos and our family has played the Lego video games on the XBox. There's just something about those cute little Lego pieces that draw me in! ;)

I've been searching the interwebs for all things Lego party and found some great inspiration for fun cakes shaped like Lego heads or blocks, printables for purchase and several fun and colorful parties. My biggest source of inspiration was from Amber at I saw that going differently in my mind. First it was her invitations, then the pinata and the Lego man game, and the banner...and well if we were neighbors I would knock on her door and ask if I could pretty please borrow her party decor because it's all so fabulous. You should check out the action shots of her son's party, it looks like they had a blast!


These are the invitations I made. I used a free Lego font I found online along with images I found and put it together in Publisher. Once the invitation information was printed and cut I matted them to cardstock. Then I used the Lego font again and made a circle with LEGO in it the same size as a circle punch I have and glued those on too. Because I'm a little OCD I had to check a real deal Lego and make sure I put the circles the right direction.


Michael was ecstatic over them. He saw the front part earlier but once he was in bed I finished them up so the back was a complete surprise. Making decorations and such for the party will be the easy part. Hoping guests actually show up since we invited them two months early is what makes me nervous. I will be getting more paper this week and hope to finish up the rest of the decor so I can start planning and preparing for my baby's first birthday party two weeks later. I *think* I know what I want to do but haven't quite pinned it down yet.

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  1. These are amazing. I love the Lego logo on the circles and the cute minifig border. This party is sure to be awesome...can't wait to see pictures!!!


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