Friday, April 8, 2011

A Winner & A Surprise!

Good morning! I am excited to announce the winner of the laundry definition giveaway.


I have to say I loved the ideas given to me for the hutch makeover. That puppy will be a new color soon, I'm thinking a shade of blue or green, and there will be something special on the inside. I still haven't decided exactly what that will be but I'm thinking a different color for the shelves and some pretty fabric or paper on the back. The hardware will get a {money saving} new look also. AND my husband has {finally} agreed to paint our table & chairs. Plus he found two freebies so we can all sit together at the table again just as soon as things are painted and recovered.

My favorite April Fool's prank story was the last comment from Moe about taping the sprayer on the sink so when the water turned on it soaked her brother. This is something I'll have to remember for my husband. ;)

I used to choose a winner from the fifteen entries and the winner was: {drumroll}
Nancy! with her comment 
Hutch possibilities: I don't know exactly how you feel about an antiqued look, but I would suggest a white, cream, or pale green or yellow paint with a light stain on top. Because I think the hutch would benefit from some distressing, perhaps a light sanding on edges. Possibly some charming little knobs and handles in a pewter to add to the distressed look a bit.

Nancy :) 

Nancy - please contact me at with a mailing address so I can send your prize. Your profile is coming up as 'not available' so I can't visit your blog to share the news!

If I don't hear from Nancy within the week I will select a new winner, I understand life gets busy sometimes and everyone doesn't check their blogs daily {likesomeoneImightknow}.

And now a surprise for everyone else! You can print this definition to make your own sign. Maybe your printer will print onto burlap {or cotton or canvas} or you can use an iron on or printable fabric or paper. If you make a sign please visit and tell me, I'd love to see your twist on it!

To save image right click and select 'copy image' then paste to a program like Word or Publisher {or Photoshop?, not sure because I don't have that program}

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Makes me jealous for a laundry area that is not in an unfinished part of our basement! What a cute idea!

    Stopping in via Serenity Now!

  2. Thanks for sharing your laundry document. This is such a cute idea for decorating a normally boring spot.

  3. I WON! Woo hoo! I just sent an email... thanks!

  4. Yay Nancy!! So glad you saw this. Congratulations!

  5. I love this! It is just what my laundry room is missing. Thanks!


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