Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come to the Dark Side {we have candy}

Happy Halloween! Well, happy November really. Had I not waited until the day of to make a costume I could have shared pictures before Halloween but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. At least my cookies. You'll probably want to ignore half of what I say. I have a candy sugar high along with a coffee induced coma on top of another sleepless night so much of this may be gibberish or rambling. Thanks for sticking with me. ;)

The kids helped carve pumpkins, and then I killed them by leaving them on the table. Apparently carved pumpkins prefer the cool outdoors otherwise they start to wilt er melt? Either way, they weren't looking cute. Fortunately I got some pictures of my pumpkins with their pumpkins before they got too grody. Does anyone else say grody {sounds like grow-dee} anymore?


Aren't they cute? I know, I'm biased. ;) I managed to get some individual shots too. With Delilah walking around and having her own ideas of what she wants to do pictures are getting to be more challenging.

The kids drew their faces and daddy carved them out. I drew Delilah's, and added some bows on the side. Lydia put pigtails on hers. They had fun. Next year I'm hoping to do more decorating with pumpkins and so many fun ideas I've seen to use fabric, paint and creative carving.

STAR WARS invades Halloween
I think the force is strong with these ones don't you? I asked the kids to come up with a theme that they could all dress up as. They both agreed on Star Wars. They like the movies and video games. Score!

Michael was set on being Darth Vadar. We got him the red light saber because he had a blue one. The helmet had a fun voice setting to sound like Darth Vadar but it was also heavy and difficult to see through so he wore a smaller mask for most of trick or treating.
I thought for sure Lydia would choose Princess Leia or Queen Amadala but she wanted a light saber. So glad we found an Ahsoka costume! She's a jedi character on the game and pretty kick ass. Her boots matched perfectly with the costume. Lydia was thrilled.

We all decided that Yoda would be the perfect costume for Delilah. I know she's not a 900 year old man {what is Yoda anyway?} or even a boy but she loves to chase her brother and sister around the house with a light saber so it was meant to be. Being the procrastinator that I am I bought the fabric the day of and whipped up her costume. I used this tutorial for her hat but added the ears, can't have Yoda without the ears right? I winged the pants and robe using clothes of hers as a sizing guide. I plan on jazzing up the coat a bit so she can wear it out.

They had a fun night, lots of people liked their costumes and they brought {me} home lots of candy. Now it's November and I have turkey and pumpkin pie on the brain.

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  1. Love the costumes! Oh and her boots are so cute....I want a pair for myself! Your little Yoda is so adorable.

  2. Rebecca...I love all of the costumes, but I seriously cannot stop laughing about Yoda. Adorable and hysterical rolled into one.

    And, yes, I still use the word, GRODY!

  3. You made that the day OF?!?! WOW! LOVE their costumes and the pics of them with the pumpkins :) Seems like everyone I know (and saw on halloween) had the same issues with pumpkins gettin grody (lol) so you're not alone :)

  4. omg they are cute!!! quick reminder your guest post runs on 11/7! thanks girl!


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