Sunday, November 6, 2011


I recently shared my love of Pinterest with you. I have 34 35 {and counting} boards and 1,434 pins {honestly I thought it was more}. This weekend I started my attempt to pin less and do more. So far I've got three down and a million {so it seems} to go
This is cream of something. It's a dry mix that when added to water & heat becomes cream of something soup. You can use this in place of canned soup in recipes or to make a cream of something casserole. See the original pin for more details on that. My family loves it and cream of something casserole is on my meal plan at least twice a month. I used vinyl and my Cricut to label the mix/water measurements. I am going to print the recipe and tape it to the other side of the container.
My response to this idea was "why didn't I think of that?". My salt container was almost empty so I put the rest into my shaker. Then used a mason jar lid to trace a circle, cut and screwed the cap around it. I wrote 'sugar' as a temporary label to prevent confusion. I want to use some cute scrapbook paper and a tag label some time. For now I love this.
And this is my favorite project of the three. Serves no practical purpose but they're cute right? And when you drink espresso or hot cocoa from them it looks like you have a moustache. I don't have any action shots yet but soon I hope.
I'm not really digging the white moustache. I have thought about changing it to a bow tie or a pair of lips. Or redo the skinny stache. What do you think? These cups have matching little saucers and I thought it would be fun to dress them up also. Maybe with bow ties? Not sure how the fu manchu would look with either of those. ;)

Edited to add: Thanks to Jen for asking and bringing this to my attention. I forgot to say how I did the moustaches. Oops! I used vinyl and some sharp scissors. I traced images I found onto paper, cut them out then traced onto the back of my vinyl. This would have been easier to do using my Cricut {or a Silouhette if I had one} but I still haven't figured out the new craft room on the website. The picture that I saw looked like they were painted on or maybe done with a sharpie. I have put my 'spoon' cup in the dishwasher, top rack and it was fine. Though I prefer to handwash most of the time, just to be safe.
Thanks for visiting! I'm hoping to have {p}inspired projects at least twice a month. What have you been pinning?
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  1. bow ties would be fun! how did you do the mustaches on the cups - and can you dishwasher them?

  2. What a fun project! I think my kiddos would get a big kick out of these.

    I also passed the Liebster Blog award over to you. I always enjoy your projects!

  3. haha, those cups are so great! love them

  4. ok those little cups are the cutest things ever!

  5. love those cups!! i just found your blog. following along now :)

  6. luv luv those cups.
    Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting weekend!


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