Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{P}inspired 2

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! And to my other friends I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some pumpkin pie also, that's good any day right? I have my cranberry sauce made and chilling, turkey thawing and cleaning up the house for company tomorrow.

I wanted to share something I made last weekend that was once again inspired by Pinterest. <3 It's a garland made from pinecones.

They were a little fussy to hang without flipping forward. I made 11 'flowers'.

Some have tiny pinecones for the center and some have the original pine cone tops I clipped off when taking the leaves/petals/whatever the pieces are called apart.

My camera takes better {and even then not great} pictures outside.

But really it's on my hutch. Because I don't have a mantel. Or a fantel.

Just think if my hutch was painted {like I've been wanting to} the brown pinecone flowers would pop against the blue/green/aqua/whatever color I decide on.

The tutorial to make these was fabulous. Jessica painted some of hers white, loved the look of it but ran out of patience by the time I pulled the pinecones apart and hot glued them together. I'm pretty sure I lost another fingerprint that day, but who needs those right? I used an old pair of jeans to cut circles to back the flowers and glued that to another denim circle with the yarn in the middle, like a sandwich. I put three nails in the top of my hutch {which I'm sure will come in handy with other decor down the road} and finagled wiht them until they all sat properly. I wanted more of a 'swag' but I think the yarn isn't heavy enough for the bulk and weight of the flowers.

What I really like about this is I can keep it up through fall and winter. I don't have room to store bins of decor and change things out often so multi-seasonal use decor appeals to me.

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  1. That's SOOOO cute!!! I've seen those around and I just LOVE how pretty they are! TOTALLY multi seasonal :)

  2. i love these! this would make a great christmas post...hint hint. lol don't forget, i need your christmas guest post! thanks!xx

  3. Awesome garland! So cute. Love it!

  4. This is such a cute idea!! I love it!!!!!!!!

  5. I did actually enjoy pumpkin pie today.



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