Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Tree Skirt

Oh goodness, only eleven days until Christmas! Am I the only one still making decorations? I probably should stop that and start making gifts right?
Today I want to show you my tree skirt. Last year I planned to make one but didn't get to it so this year I was determined.

It is really simple but I really like it. I made it using a piece of drop cloth and some jute to tie it up. I took a few pictures along the way to show you how easy it is to make one.

I cut a piece about 4'x4' and folded it into half and then half again. Then I gathered up my measuring tape, a tack and a pencil to create a circle. You want to determine how wide you want your finished skirt so be sure to include allowance for a hem. I tacked the measuring tape to one corner and used the pencil in the little circle at the end. My daughter helped to demonstrate this.

Do you see the boxes of bulbs? They received a makeover that I'll show you another day.
Here you can see a little closer up. You just draw a line from one edge to the next and that will create a rounded edge, cut that line and you'll have a circle.

After that I used a plate to draw a circle in the middle, to go around the tree. The size of your circle depends on the type of tree you have and how large your tree stand is. I made sure to leave a space large enough so I could still water it easily. Then you simply hem the raw edges. I sewed the jute into place on both sides and it was done.


Originally I thought I would do a pretty ruffled skirt like I've seen all over Pinterest. And then I thought maybe I would just add a single ruffle or pretty lace around the edge. But I've decided that I love it just as it is.

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  1. your tree skirt is pretty - but I'm dying to see what you made with the bulbs!!!

  2. I LOVE how pretty that is! Your Christmas decor color scheme is so beautiful! Great tutorial, and what a cute helper you have ;)


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