Sunday, June 12, 2011


Ack! My baby will be 11 months next week. So I should get her 10 month pictures posted right? They've been sitting in my photobucket account waiting to be edited and I finally got around to it. Funny how quickly you can get behind on little things like this. Sadly, I haven't written down as much as I would have liked to about her growth each month. I'm not sure that I've taken fewer photos of each of my babies but I know I have kept fewer notes about what they do and when they do it. :Sigh: There's no turning back time though so I'll just have to try to do better from here out. They grow and change so quickly though. I look at my {almost} 7 year old and remember when he was the same size as my littlest, seems like I just blinked.

And now I've blinked again and we're just weeks away from Delilah turning one year old and closer than ever to her walking and from there it will just go faster. Looking at my almost 5 year old daughter reminds me of that.


Everything must go in her mouth for a sampling. Mmm....does that crunchy leaf taste good? If it wasn't for the leaf it would have been the paper.

Blogger and/or Photobucket is making me batty right now so please excuse the randomness of the pictures. Some of you may not even notice but it is making my OCDness a little twitcy.

I'm not sure why she was lifting her one foot like that, she kept doing it throughout the 'photo session'. She claps and waves and offers to share whatever goodies she has or things she finds. She crawls all over the house and pulls to standing, and has started cruising the furniture. She still enjoys going to the dog's water and food bowls trying to get a 'snack' or play in the water {read: make a big mess}.

Michael & Lydia get so excited about every little thing she does. I hear "MOM!!! LOOK...." throughout the day, though often it's something she's been doing for a month. I love how much they love her and hope that the years between her age and theirs won't make a difference in how close they are, at least not for a while. For now they do a great job including her in their play as much as they can and I think it will be more as she's more mobile and understanding of things. She definitely knows they are funny and they love her.

Two more teeth are working their way through. Her almost having 6 teeth already seems so odd to me. But the older two didn't have teeth until 10 and 11 months so we had toothless grins for quite some time. Her current favorite word is "mama" and though "dada" was first out of her mouth she says "mama" much more often, unless she's trying to get a soda can from her daddy she even calls him "mama". Melts my heart and makes me smile. She'll crawl to me, pat my leg and say "mama" ever so sweetly. Often when she has a dirty diaper {even poo diapers don't have a strong smell in cloth} or wants to nurse before nap time.

She still resembles Michael & Shawn over Lydia and myself, with darker eyes than her brother but lighter than her daddy. All of the kids had the same color hair as babies but the older two are a little darker blond now. When I was pregnant with Delilah I always pictured brown eyes and hair, so far I'm one for two...we'll see how her hair changes over the years.

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  1. She's growing so fast, and she just keeps getting cuter every minute! LOVE that dress on her :)

  2. Aww, they get too big too fast :( Love Delilah's dress though - really cute! And Connor is the same way with putting everything in his mouth, he took a bite out of one of my documents at work yesterday lol Luckily it wasn't an important one


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