Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking A {Bloggy} Break

This post would have been better written up a week ago right? Oh well, better late than never. My grandma has been visiting and we've been busy around here.
  • I'm at the end of 'twenty something'
  • I went to a ball with my husband {possibly our last}
  • My daughter went to a dance with my husband {their first}
  • We finally visited the zoo - Delilah for the first time
I'll have some to share later on about some of these things. But for now am on a bit of a break. While I'm away go check out Button Down Rehab @ My Own Road. I'm working on my own project for a guest post {my first} and I'm really excited about it. She's two days into tutorials now so go catch up and check back each day.

My Shirts are in button down rehab_200

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