Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Take on the Burlap Wreath


During the Christmas season I saw wreaths all over the blogosphere. Wreaths made from ornaments, candies, yarn, ribbons, coffee filters and burlap. This really is when my love for burlap began.


We have limited space and even more limited storage space so while I enjoyed looking at all of the DIY Christmas decor I didn't make any myself. Instead I used fabric with colors I'd like to have throughout our home. Blues, greens, oranges and burlap and ruffles. {I really should have ironed that fabric}.


 Quick tutorial, tips and cat toys after the jump.

Quick Notes Tutorial
  • Wrap a wreath form with burlap {I cut mine into 6-8" wide strips}
  • Cut circles of varying sizes from burlap and other fabrics.
  • Hot glue layered circles. You can make some into yoyos and add buttons if you like.
  • Add ruffles around the sides because you <3 ruffles. ;)
  • Hang and admire. 
Full disclosure. I'm not sure I'm completely in love with this anymore. Originally my plan was to use only burlap and white fabric (cotton, flour sack cloth) with some buttons for pops of color. I ran out of burlap and was too impatient to wait for another trip to Hobby Lobby {I hope you have one nearby. It is a crafter's haven. So I decided to use some fabrics I had on hand. They are colors I want throughout the house. I don't completely dislike it. Just not over the moon for it any longer. I may change some things up.


Oh! And I can't forget the cat t-shirt poms that I added to the wreath. You can imagine the looks I got from my husband while cutting strips from shirts {they had holes, bleach stains or other stains} to wrap around cardboard circles and floofing these puppies.

Posting about this makes me want to make another. But with only burlap and white and ruffles like originally planned. Maybe our next home will have room for two wreaths. Maybe more cat toys too.

Thanks for visiting! Please share if you make your own take on the burlap wreath.


  1. LOL @ the cat toys ;-)
    I LOVE the wreath! I love the idea of just burlap & white, super simple and classy. But this one with the pops of color from those pretty fabrics are awesome! I think it brings something extra pretty to the wall :) If ever I find burlap out here I'll be making one!

  2. Hobby Lobby online!

    I like the pops of color too. :) When I have pops of color on the walls I'll have a plain jane wreath. ;)

  3. Very pretty! I love burlap - I definitely need to get some and start working with it in my projects.

  4. Burlap is such a fun look, I love the texture. :) Have fun with it!


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