Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Painted Pearls and Freezer Paper Stenciling

So when I find something that I like I do it a lot. Like, I have a stack of shirts just waiting to be painted in one way or the other. I have an idea for a new twist on the painted pearls and can't wait to try it out. Last weekend we had a birthday party to go to. My friend celebrated both of her kids birthdays together because the dates are pretty close.

If you don't know, I'm quite the procrastinator. I used to get a rush out of doing a project for school last minute and it's continued into my adult life. I plan ahead but I don't do ahead so well. I'm working on that this year.

Anyway, I needed two gifts and didn't have much time so I stuck with what I know.


I love how the painted pearls came out. I didn't do as many strands this time but it's still fun and the birthday girl was happy. The cowboy hat shirt was cute too, though I really didn't like the pocket on the shirt. I was almost tempted to take it off but if that went wrong I'd be stuck without a shirt. I also should have layered my freezer paper better so I didn't smudge and I realize the name is off center but I don't think the birthday boy noticed.

You can see my other painted pearls here and here.

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to come back tomorrow {April 1st} for a giveaway, and that's no joke. ;)


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